Monday, February 18, 2013

I have...

a confession. I hate where I live. Two years ago when we decided to leave L.A., I couldn't wait to hit the road and never look back. Now I spend more time than I'd like to admit dreaming of my hometown and wishing desperately that we could go back. I miss my family, my amazing friends, the food, the beach, the museums, the diversity, the culture, the weather. I don't however miss the insane cost of living, the traffic, and the smog, but would I take it just to go back? Good question. Once again Nathan and I find ourselves spending endless hours discussing what to do next. Both of us are less than pleased with where we live but running back to L.A. at this point in our lives would be a step backwards if we want to achieve some of our most important goals like buying a home and saving for retirement and college for our kiddos. There are some lovely things about where we live not to mention Nathan has a great job but we're just plain unhappy here. So what do we do next? Time will tell but being here beyond another year or two is out of the question. In the mean time I will do my best to focus on the wonderful things in my life. This experience has been a true lesson in appreciating what you have but I don't want to give up on happiness that's more complete.

Wish us luck as we plan the next chapter in our lives!

California dreaming.
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cassandrasue said...

Aww... I know so many people who pack up and move far away from everything they know. Their families, familiarity, and the only time I've ever sort of done that was when I moved to northridge for college. I hated it at first, too! So much. But then I made lifelong friends and it got better. It's different with kids, though. We're torn between our dream lives and doing the best and most responsible thing for our kids. You and Nathan seem like a great team and I hope you've found some more happiness there. You deserve it!

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